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Tambet Tiits continues as Director General of the Land Board

Tambet Tiits
Tambet Tiits

On February 4, the Minister of the Environment Rene Kokk appointed Tambet Tiits to another term as Director General of the Land Board. Tiits has held this position since 2015.  

According to minister Kokk, the Land Board has made good progress under the leadership of Tambet Tiits. “One of the major achievements was the opening of satellite data centre EstHUB last spring. His vision for the near future includes a countrywide coverage of 3D data. But it’s far from being the only challenge the director general of the Land Board has to face, as the next round of land assessment has to be prepared and carried out,” said Kokk. 

During his next term of office Tambet Tiits wants to concentrate on improving the interoperability between the land cadastre and the register of construction works. “All buildings that have been mapped should be entered also into the register of construction works. We intend to focus also on spatial planning information to make it more easily accessible for citizens. Our aim is to create a more transparent system, so that everyone can be well informed about land related issues,” said Tiits. 

Prior to his employment at the Land Board, Tiits has worked as Chairman of the Board of real estate company DTZ, Chairman of the Estonian Association of Appraisers and Chairman of the Association of Estonian Surveyors. He has also been a board member in TEGoVA, the European Group of Valuers' Associations, Deputy Chairman of the Professional Council of Construction, Geomatics and Real Estate, and Chairman of the Professional Qualifications Committee.