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Geoid models

Geoid model EST-GEOID2011

In 2010-2011 the high resolution grids of gravity anomalies (free-air, Bouguer) as well as gravimetric geoid were modelled in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The newest height information from the levelling and geodetic networks (via 114 common GNSS-levelling points) was compared with different gravimetric geoid models and the RMS of residuals ± 1.3 cm was estimated (Ellmann et al. 2011, Oja et al. 2011, Ellmann et al. 2016). From the evaluation of different models, the geoid model based on the biased LS modification and GOCE global gravity field model was selected as a new reference surface EST-GEOID2011 of the national height system BK77 (Fig. 1). More detailed information about EST-GEOID2011 can be found from this page (in Estonian).

EST-GEOID2011 model

Fig. 1. New reference surface EST-GEOID2011 of the national height system BK77. Geoidal heights (undulations) are in meters over the GRS-80 ellipsoid.

Interactive service to compute normal heights from geodetic (ellipsoidal) heights (and vice versa) on user input points is available on the web page of the Land Board (



Ellmann, A.; Oja, T.; All, T.; Jürgenson, H.; Kall, T.; Liibusk, A. (2016). Raskuskiirenduse anomaalvälja ja geoidi mudelpinna täpsustamine Eestis. Publicationes Geophysicales Universitatis Tartuensis (Toim. Post, P.; Järvet, A.; Tammiksaar, E.), Tartu, lk 152-164 (in Estonian, summary and title in English: Enhanced gravity field and geoid models over Estonia). Link to conference proceedings, paper separately (as pdf   - 0,9 MB, 20.01.2017).

Ellmann, A.; Oja, T.; Jürgenson, H. (2011). Kosmosetehnoloogia rakendused geoidi ja gravitatsioonivälja täpsustamiseks Eesti alal. Geodeet, 41, 22−25 (in Estonian, title in English Application of space technologies to improve geoid and gravity field models over Estonia) .

Oja, T.; Ellmann, A.; Jürgenson, H.; Kall, T. (2011). Mudelpindade EST-GEOID2011 ja EST-GEOID2003 omavahelistest erinevustest ning võimalikust üleminekust uuele kõrgussüsteemile. Geodeet, 41, 31−37 (in Estonian, title in English Differences between EST-GEOID2011 and EST-GEOID2003 models and the possible transition to the new height system in Estonia) .

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