Real property price indices

Real property price indices have been calculated with the aim to create an information tool based on actual transactions, which would describe the pure change in real property market prices in a better way than the average transaction prices. The indexation of real property prices is based on the transactions database, which contains data of all real estate sales transactions.

The indices have been calculated as quarterly values since the 3rd quarter of 2003, which also serves as the base period of indices and the initial index value is 1.

Unlike the query of real property price statistics, where the aggregate data of real estate transactions are available for the public, indices are based on the detail data of transactions. The sample has considerably been winnowed out with the aim of including in the analysis only transactions that are performed under the free market conditions. Thus, e.g. transactions between relatives or other related parties have been removed as well as transactions in which the seller is local government, terminations of leasing contracts, in case of apartment ownership also the sales of legal shares of apartments.

Real property price indices in the 1th quarter of 2017

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