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Cartography has been one of the main activities of the Land Board since the establishment of the agency. In the field of cartography the ELB is responsible for the organisation of production of national topographic maps and mapping products. Also the production of national thematic maps falls within the cognisance of the ELB.

The cartographic activities in Estonia are regulated by the Regulation No 138 of 14 April 1994 of the Government of Estonian Republic "Procedure for Geodetic and Cartographic Works and Use of Geodetic and Cartographic Data".

In the field of cartography the Land Board's Department of Cartography has the following tasks:

  • Production of different mapping products based on the Estonian National Topographic Database (ENTD);
  • Market surveys;
  • Strategic planning of map production;
  • Development of guidelines and specifications;
  • Outsourcing of mapping works, i.e. organisation of public procurement;
  • Contract management;
  • Quality control of cartographic works and produced spatial data;
  • Dissemination of spatial data, both in analog (paper) and digital forms.

In addition to organising the production of maps, the ELB is participating in the development of GI standards for the Estonian society.

The Department of Cartography is located in Tallinn (Mustamäe tee 51, 10602 Tallinn).


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  Mustamäe tee 51, 10621 Tallinn, phone: +372 665 0600, fax: +372 665 0604, e-mail: