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International Cooperation

The Estonian Land Board has been active in international cooperation since the very beginning. In 1990ies the Land Board was beneficiary in several international projects that were successfully implemented, e.g. EU Phare Land Reform Projects: Assistance to the acceleration of land reform and to preparation for EU accession in the land sector; Development of an information system for monitoring land reform and land use; Land Information Systems Development.

In that period we received a lot of support from Sweden in aerial photography and orthophoto production and training of our specialists, from Denmark in the field of geodesy and establishment of geodetic database. Switzerland provided technical assistance for photogrammetric data processing and digital mapping. We had also close cooperation with Finland and other Baltic countries.

Today international cooperation is taking place mainly through EuroGeographics ( EuroGeographics is the association of the European national mapping, land registry and cadastral agencies. The Estonian Land Board became a full member of EuroGeographics in 2001. The mission of EuroGeographics is to further the development of European Spatial Data Infrastructure through collaboration in the area of geographical information, including topographic information, cadastre and land information. The main products and services of EuroGeographics to which the Land Board contributes are EuroBoundaryMap- 1:100 000 database of administrative units and statistical regions; EuroRegionalMap - 1: 250 000 topographic vector dataset; EuroGlobalMap - 1: 1 million topographic dataset, EuroDEM - Europe’s digital elevation model, 1:100 000, accuracy 8-10m. 

More detailed information about these products can be found under Cartography or on EuroGeographics’ homepage 

The Land Board is a national contact point for EU INSPIRE initiative. The INSPIRE Directive was adopted in 2007 and it aims at the creation of a European spatial information infrastructure that delivers to the users integrated spatial information services. For more information about INSPIRE see

In the field of geodesy the Land Board has been and is currently involved in several international projects (Euref, EUPOS, Struve-Tenner Meridian Arc, etc.). Further information about them is available under Geodesy The Land Board is also actively participating in the work of the Nordic Geodetic Commission.

As to bilateral cooperation, the Land Board has long-term fruitful collaboration with the National Land Survey of Finland and the Finnish Geodetic Institute. Also with our Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues there is exchange of information and experiences on regular basis.


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