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The main task of the Department of Photogrammetry is to provide other departments with data for map production and various geoinformatics products. Main photogrammetric tasks are stereomapping and production of digital orthophotos.

The main tasks of the Department are:

  • planning, organizing and performing aerial photography;
  • drafting necessary specifications and manuals;
  • photogrammetric data production: stereomapping, digital orthophotos, digital elevation models;
  • quality control of photogrammetric works;archiving of aerophotos and photogrammetric data.

    Aerial photography is performed by using the digital aerophotocamera ADS40 (acquired in September 2005) and height data is acquired by using the topographic laser scanner (lidar) ALS50-II (December 2007). Both instruments are installed on special mission aircraft Cessna 208B Grand Caravan acquired by the Estonian Land Board in January 2008. Digital data recorded during aerophotoflights is processed using soft-photogrammetric stereographic workstations, the available software include GPro, PosPac, GrafNav, ORIMA, LPS, PRO600, GeoVault, Terrascan, Terramodeler, ArcGIS and Stereo Analyst. For processing analog (film based) aerophotos the analytic stereoplotter SD3000 is used.


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      Mustamäe tee 51, 10621 Tallinn, phone: +372 665 0600, fax: +372 665 0604, e-mail: