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Address Data

The activities of the Bureau of Address Data are to a great extent based on the Government of the Republic Regulation No 251 of 20 December, 2007 "Address Data System".

The Address Data System (ADS) is a support system for the maintenance of databases.

The aim of the Address Data System (ADS) is to ensure a unique identification of the address objects both at their location and in different databases, and to make geographical addresses that have been submitted in different times and according to different principles comparable.

The Land Board has created a central address data management system (ADS Management System) through which all address data throughout the country will be managed and the majority of address services will be offered. In the conformity with the above Regulation, the system became fully operational on January 1, 2009.

The Public Information Act and the implementing provisions of the Regulation stipulate that all state databases and local government databases shall be integrated with the central ADS. The Land Board provides pre-requisites for such integration, develops address services and consults other database maintainers in respective development works.

By January 2009 the Land Register, the Register of Buildings and the Place Names Register had to be interoperable. Holders of many other databases have started developments to link their databases to the ADS

At present querying of the following official address objects from X-GIS ADS service is possible:

  • administrative and settlements units
  • cadastral units
  • streets and roads
  • geographical names from the Place Name s Register

In addition to that, unofficial address objects will be displayed :

All X-GIS usual funcions will be available in the ADS. Introduction about how to use Web Map Server in English.

Public service of the Place Names Register uses also the map-application of the Address Data X-GIS

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