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European Economic Area (EEA) Grant

Implementation of Inspire Directive

SK project number: LIN12008
Project Donor Partner: Statens Kartverk/Norvegian Mapping Agency
Budget: 1 472 500 Euro
Program: Integrated marine and inland water management
Donor: EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 


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Contact information:
Estonian Land Board, Mustamäe tee 51, 10621 Tallinn Estonia
Ene Jüriska, 675 0838,
Maili Hirlak, 665 0610,



Estonia has obligation to implement EU INSPIRE directive. The project will help us to fulfil the requirements of the Directive. The INSPIRE directive aims to create a European Union (EU) spatial data infrastructure. This will enable the sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations and better facilitate public access to spatial information across Europe.

Fulfilling the requirements of the Directive demands that specific services must exist and running. Also spatial data available through services must correspond to the INSPIRE requirements. At the present moment view and discovery services for Annex I data themes are existing and running, but these types of services must be created for Annex II and III data themes. Also new services for transformation and downloading must be developed for all data themes.

A substantial element of marine and inland water management is the availability of adequate environmental information. There is a lack of information on the availability of spatial data and non-standard applications complicate data exchange. The project aims at establishing an infrastructure for spatial information in compliance with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive in order to be able to share spatial data between several users and applications and to meet the international obligations.

Direct goals of the project

  1. To ensure INPIRE directive compliant services for all data areas in Appendixes I, II and III. Through these services allow access to data which is under the jurisdiction of Estonian Land Board.
  2. To update 17% of land cover topographic spatial data on Estonian territory according to the INSPIRE directive.


Estonian public sector will gain improved access to spatial data, business sector gains access to governmental data for developing new solutions. The European public will gain access to comparable and applicable spatial data.

Further beneficiaries are target groups representing following fields: environmental monitoring and impact evaluation (e.g. Environmental Agency); improving the cost effectiveness in environmental protection and implementation of environmental rights (e.g. Environmental Inspectorate); implementation of risk prevention, health and environmental policies (e.g. Ministry of Environmental Affairs); conducting EU projects; collecting data for pan-European networks (e.g. EuroStat, EuroGeographics).

Last updated: 27.08.2018