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Tambet Tiits

Director General

Tambet Tiits manages the agency and is responsible for the overall fulfilment of the Board’s tasks.

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 Phone 665 0601


Anne Toom

Deputy Director General in the field of real estate

Anne Toom is responsible for organisation and implementation of activities related to land reform, retaining land in state ownership, spatial planning, management of un-built state lands, acquisition of land under nature protection restrictions, keeping account of state lands under the administration of the Ministry of the Environment, and land valuation and issuing of valuation licenses.

 Phone 675 0830


Artu Ellmann

Deputy Director General in the field of geomatics

Artu Ellmann is responsible for organisation of activities related to geoinformatics, management of the Estonian spatial data infrastructure, capture of topographic data, geodesy, geology, cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing and aerial photography.

 Phone 665 0602


Last updated: 20.07.2017