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ESTHub provides training for the public sector in using remote sensing services

On 31 March, the Land Board organised practical training for state officials in using the data set stored in ESTHub for analysing changes in the land cover. The training course mainly focussed on introducing the features of the data processing environment of ESTHub. The feedback from participants highlights the need for organising basic and continuation training courses in the future.

The training course served as a good introduction to this topic. In the future, I would like to go into more detail on various topics. For example, we briefly covered the known use values of filters, but to gain a better understanding, we need to explore the topic at a slower pace. The course also created interest in understanding the use logic of different data sets, because we only looked at one data set during the basic training.

Tauno Tamm / Statistics Estonia

I can only praise the ESTHub training course. Satellite data are very special in their format and nature and require specialist knowledge and practical skills to use, process, and value. The practical (hands on) training format facilitates learning and provides intimate knowledge of how to use the data, incl. how to utilise the processing capabilities of ESTHub.

Peeter Kuusik / Environment Agency

The ESTHub national satellite data centre was completed with the support of the European Regional Development Fund in May 2019 and its main objective has been to help the public sector in deploying remote sensing data. Read more about ESTHub.

Further information: Martin Menert, Department of Geoinformatics of the Land Board, Chief Specialist,

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New web application Satiladu (satellite imagery warehouse) delivers latest satellite data every evening

The Land Board has created a new web application Satiladu (, which provides access to satellite images of Estonia captured by the European Space Agency. Data are updated on daily basis and become available on the same evening.


Disruptions in ESTHub’s services

ESTHub's data hub formerly has provided online the complete time series of Sentinel data over Estonia and the Baltic region. This naturally is a constantly growing amount of data. ESTHub has decided to switch to a rolling archive strategy where the youngest 2 years of data are kept and older data is automatically evicted from the online storage. This applies to all Sentinel product types.