Cooperation with the Donor partner

Project Donor partner is the Norwegian Mapping Agency Statens Kartverket ». The Partnership Agreement is signed 29.05.2013.

03.- 04. 06. 2013 Estonian Land Board specialist Lea Pauts, Sulev Õitspuu, Hanno Kuus and Maili Hirlak had a field trip to the Norwegian Mapping Agency. 

Statens Kartverket

Lowenruh Tallinn 19.06.13


19. - 21. 06. 2013 Norwegian Mapping Agency Project management unit specialists Elena Busch ja Ewa Schage participated in the opening conference of the European Economic Area Grants 2009-2014 programme „Integrated marine and inland water management“  inTallinn.


03.- 06. 09. 2013 Norwegian Mapping Agency cosultants Arvid Lillethun ja Lars Inge Arnevik had the first consulting visit to the Estonian Land Board.

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