Bi-lateral cooperation

The Land Board has long-term fruitful collaboration with:


The aim of bilateral cooperation is to strengthen the relationship between the parties in the field of geoinformatics, geodesy, land cadastre, land consolidation, land valuation, etc. through the exchange of information, study visits and exchange of data.  

Successfully completed cooperation projects in recent years:

  • “Establishment of GNSS-RTK Permanent Station Network for the Monitoring of the Environment”, financed by the Swiss Government » through the Estonian- Swiss Cooperation Programme 2010-2016.  Public tender “Purchase, Mounting and Installation of the Equipment and Software for GNSS-RTK Permanent Station Network” was awarded to Leica Geosystems.  As the result of the project 28 new permanent stations were established and software installed in 2013-2016.
  • “Implementing of INSPIRE Directive” 2013-2015, financed from EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, donor partner Norwegian Mapping Agency ». The aim of the project was to provide INSPIRE compliant services for all data areas in Appendices I, II and III, and to update 17% of land cover topographic data in the conformity with INSPIRE directive. More information about the project ».

Last updated: 26.11.2019