Rail Baltic

Rail Baltic is a modern, fast and eco-friendly rail connection to our neighbouring countries and Central and Western Europe.

In Estonia the planned railroad route runs through Harju, Rapla and Pärnu counties. Approximately 650 private and municipal properties have to be acquired by the state for the construction of the railway.

According to the agreement concluded between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of the Environment and the Land Board on 6 September 2016, the Land Board was assigned the task of preparing the land acquisition.

The Department of Land Consolidation is mainly responsible for negotiating with land owners.

Land Board's Role in Rail Baltic


Acquisition of lands required for the construction of Rail Baltic 

The county plans for determining the location of the Rail Baltic route corridor have more or less been finalized. The location of route corridor can be viewed in the geoportal in the map application of restrictions.

The exact need for land will be defined by the preliminary design documents, the works have started from the Pärnu County.

After the preliminary design documents have been finalized, the Land Board will start negotiations with land owners. Negotiations will start in the Pärnu County, continue in the Rapla County (2nd half of 2017) and be completed in the Harju County (probably in 2018).

During negotiations the land owners are informed of the principles of valuation and compensation, and they can make their own proposals regarding compensation.

Land can be acquired first and foremost through voluntary sales. Provided state-owned land is available, also land consolidation and reallocation can be used.

Further information on the Rail Baltic project is available at www.railbaltic.info/en »

Acquisition Alternatives and Compensation

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