The Nevada Geodetic Laboratory (NGL) at the University of Nevada processes all available RINEX data in the world and makes position time-series and quality control parameters available on line (, in addition to a robust trend estimation of the time-series. These products are used by NGL and many other researchers in the world to study crustal deformation associated with plate tectonics, earthquakes. Volcanoes, water loading, subsidence, and relative sea-level variations. NGL’s website receives several hundred unique hits each week.

NGL processes data from all stations belonging to Estonia Land Board’s ESTPOS network. Positions are calculated within 48 hrs at 5-min intervals using rapid orbits, and daily positions are re-calculated using final orbits every week.

The main reason for NGL to analyse the ESTPOS data is to infer the long-term 3D displacements rates and to interpret them in terms of plate tectonics and glacial isostatic adjustment. For this reason, NGL also processes data from similar networks in the other Baltic nations, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the U.K. (in addition to data from the EUREF network). NGL has developed several new analysis strategies and has already applied them successfully to monitoring GIA in North America. An analysis of European data is planned for 2018.

NGL is very pleased with ELB’s willingness to share the data. The data is generally of the highest standard, and the station monuments of the highest quality. These traits are paramount if data from a network such as ESTPOS is to be used for geodynamic research.


Corné Kreemer
Research Professor

Viimati muudetud: 21.09.2017